Shaping change within the network society

IFOK is a leading international strategy and communications consultancy, offering its clients a wide range of services in sustainability, change management, and stakeholder dialogue. Through our work, we shape both local and global change by combining in-depth analysis with the transformative power of dialogue and participation. Be it as a cutting-edge strategy consultancy, a visionary think tank, or a creative partner for ideas and best practices within the global network society – IFOK brings vision, perspective and professionalism to help clients deal with and navigate change in a rapidly evolving world. Click here to learn more about IFOK.


Securing competitive advantage through participation and dialogue

Be it change communication, stakeholder dialogue, infrastructure projects, CSR or classical public relations: with our substantive and methodological expertise we are able to support the sustainable and responsible success of your company. IFOK develops strategies, advises on change processes, identifies target audiences and brings to the table all actors relevant for you. We help you to successfully position your company in a complex, networked society – because competitive advantage and economic success are a question of acceptance, orientation, participation and dialogue.


Partners of politics and the public sector

Globalisation, networked societies and the ever-increasing individualisation of all areas of life present politics and the public sector with significant challenges. IFOK is a strong partner in the active management and the sustainable, responsible governance of complicated societal tasks. Together with political institutions at all levels, we look for answers to the current questions of our time. Be it citizen participation and dialogue processes, infrastructure projects, sustainability strategies, mediation processes, conferences or competitions – IFOK engages all the relevant actors from politics, business, academia and society in dialogue.


Managers of the networked society

The world is changing at unprecedented speed, in part spurned on by social media. Old alliances are crumbling whilst new networks are being established. IFOK shapes and accompanies these changes with our many years of experience and expertise. Be it participation projects, change processes or ideas for the future, be it education for youngsters, questions about aligning working and family life, European citizen consultations – in shaping change, IFOK is managing the networked society.
Reference: By:Entsorgungsverband Saar

Dialogue to reach that “Eureka” moment

What do my customers want? And how do stakeholders regard my company or my association? Where do they see strengths, and where weaknesses? Numerous companies, and more and more state institutions and associations, ask themselves these questions every day, among them waste disposal association Entsorgungsverband Saar (EVS).
Reference: By:Hesse state chancellery

Expansion of Frankfurt Airport – A dialogue with the entire region

The expansion of Frankfurt Airport is contentious. The positions of supporters and critics of the expansion are fundamentally opposed. What are the conflicts relating to the expansion? What topics need to be dealt with jointly? Are there ways of ensuring the burden on the region does not increase further?



IFOK is looking for new recruits

We shape change – and we need you to help us! We are looking for committed individuals to join our team – from new graduates through to senior consultants. If you are interested, send us your application via our Careers page.